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Gorse Wine


This page gives people a view into our daily lives living in the west of Ireland. It includes posts about our projects in the ceramic studio as well as projects in the garden, home and kitchen. 


Gorse Wine

Alexis Bowman

During the months of April & May the Gorse bushes in Kerry begin to come into full bloom.  


On a sunny day the wind picks up their sweet scent of coconuts (which is kinda like a Pina Colada) and carries it across the fields and into our garden.


These bright yellow flowers make the most delicious wine with a distinctive coconut flavour and bright yellow colour.

Gorse Bushes are covered in tough sharp spikes which makes collecting them very tricky. We enlist the help of our young kids who use their tiny little fingers to get a hold of them!


The recipe we use to make our gorse wine comes from John Wright's book called 'Booze' in the River Cottage Handbook Series. 


We leave our Gorse wine sit in the bottles for at least a year to mellow out.